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Our club, AdL Amatori de Levriero, is a member of the SKG and organises sighthound amateur track and open field events on and around our track in Lostallo. Our goal is to enjoy and occupy our dogs.

Form to fill in to become a club member: Adl_Beitrittsformular

Gärtli-Reglement: AdL-Reglement_Gartenmieter-2016 (new version 2016)

Vereinsstatuten: Statuten Amatori del Levriero

If you have any questions etc. please contact our president directly.

André Keller

Bündenmättlistr. 34, 8966 Oberwil-Lieli

Tel. 0041 (0)56 631 63 41, Fax. 0041 (0)56 633 66 64, Mobile. 0041 (0)79 457 18 79

e-mail: adl.keller@hispeed.ch

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