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Autumn Coursing in Lostallo 2018

Our Autumn Coursing (CACIL) 2018 takes place on Saturday and Sunday, October 20. and 21, 2018 in Lostallo.   The breeds will start: Saturday: Petit levriers Italians and Whippets Sunday: SCOW Club Coursing (Swiss Club of Oriental Breeds) and all other races  Important: if it is necessary, the day a breed starts can be changed. In that case, the owners will be notified by email and the information will be published on the website and on facebook.   Judges are: Peter Majer/Hungary and Hugo Keller/Switzerland.   Sign-up closes on Monday, October 15, 2018.   You find the signup-form here: Anmeldeformular | if your dog participates for CACIL, please provide the necessary documents by email (proof of having participated at an CACIB show and received at least "very good" in a mature class (intermediate, open, working or champion class).   You find all details there: Ausschreibung (sorry, only in German at the moment)