Springe zum Inhalt

Those dates are already set for 2018:

Saturday, March 24 and
Sunday, March 25: Work-Weekend to get the track ready

Saturday, March 31: General Assembly (afternoon)
Sunday, April 1: Training

Sunday, April 29: GAIN Trophy CACIL Race

Sunday, May 13: European Weight Derby (Weight race for Whippet and PLI)

Sunday, August 12: Italian Weight Derby (Weight race for Whippet and PLI)

Saturday, September 22: CAC-Exhibition with combination S+L
Sunday, September 23: Palio della Mesolcina CACIL/CACL Race

Saturday and Sunday, October 20. and 21: Herbst-Coursing Lostallo, CACIL Coursing

More dates (trainings, weight races, etc.) will be published after the general assembly.